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Press Welded Laminated Copper Shunts

Press Welded Laminated Connectors; It is used in electrical connections between transformers, rectifiers or generators and prefabricated networks.

Laminated connectors are mostly used to compensate;
• Transformer, switchgear, network etc. Low movements caused by vibrations.
• Contractions or enlargements caused by temperature changes.
We produce press welded copper shunts according to the dimensions and tolerances specified by the customer using high conductivity electrolytic grade copper foils.
Since the resistance values of our high performance shunts are equal to flat copper rods, they minimize losses.

We use high quality Cu-ETP (C11000) Strips between 0.05mm and 0.50mm thickness.
It is also possible to use Cu-OF (C10200) Strips upon request.
All of them have a minimum electrical conductivity of 58 MS / m.

Press welded shunts with coated contact area;
Hot tin dipped coating
Electrolytic tin coating
Electrolytic silver plating

Thin Walled or Medium Walled Heat Shrink Tubes are available for our customers’ insulation needs.